Introduction to the LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive

Dear Visitor,

Carrying around numerous Gigabytes of data on non-secured USB flash drives is a liability that forward thinking organizations are unwilling to allow to continue. Not only are there hefty penalties for losing customer or patient records, but losing confidential trade secrets, business development plans or marketing plans can be even more detrimental to an organization’s ability to compete in the future.

IT and Risk Management need assurance of complete security of data.

Users need the flexibility of standard flash drives to perform their operations efficiently.

The LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive® provides both.

Secure flash drives in the marketplace vary significantly in their ease of use and ability to work within different operating systems. We think that upon your evaluation, you will find LOK-IT to simply be the most secure, most flexible, and most cost effective solution to secure your organization’s portable data.

Protecting this data is our singular goal. We do not take this responsibility lightly. The investment you make in encrypted flash drives should include the following consideration…

What operating systems and devices will your organization be using 3 years from now?

This question is likely impossible for you answer given the speed with which new devices are coming to market. Yet your investment today in encrypted flash drives heavily depends on guessing the answer accurately.

With LOK-IT, you are eliminating the guesswork.

LOK-IT will just work.

Now…3 years from now…and beyond…

Thank you for your consideration,

George Wolf President Systematic Development Group