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Product Features:
As flexible as typical USB flash drive
Authenticate using onboard PIN-pad
Stored files automatically encrypted with 256-bit AES hardware encryption
Use with any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux or other platform)
FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified
HIPAA and HITECH compliant
Here’s What the Experts Are Saying:

I thought the software authentication that allows access to encrypted data needed to be shored up, and the drives needed more protection from physical tampering… I guess someone must have been listening because the folks at Systematic Development Group have come out with a key drive that addresses every point in my column. The LOK-IT SDG003FM-4GB is a secure USB flash drive that just might have overcome all the hurdles to government acceptance. It won me over and nailed every concern I had with flash drives into the ground.

-Greg Crowe, Government Computer News

If you’re looking for software-less secure flash storage, then the Lok-It drive is your product. It’s secured by entering a PIN via a numeric keypad on the top of the drive, with no software involved at any level. This means the drive works with all operating systems and isn’t vulnerable to code hacking and key logging. It also means that workplaces that don’t allow executable files that run on drives that will be plugged into their PCs can rest easy.

-Jon L. Jacobi, PCWorld

The humble USB flash drive, which had begun life as a simple and convenient tool to transport digital data, had morphed into a much more complicated component of a system that was significantly more cumbersome to use…(LOK-IT) restores the USB stick to its original mission. It can be used conveniently by carrying it in one’s pocket, with no fear that its encrypted data can be accessed if it were to be lost or stolen.

-Jacob Goodwin, Government Security News

When you carry sensitive data on a LOK-IT you can be sure that nobody can access it without knowing the PIN. Conversely, you can give the device to a colleague simply by sharing the PIN; try that with a biometric device! And it costs less than a biometric solution or an IronKey of the same capacity. LOK-IT is a powerful and simple solution for secure transfer of sensitive data.

-Neil Rubenking, PC Magazine