Introducing the new LOK-IT File Sync
Open the LOK-IT File Sync App for Android and you can…
Synchronize files between LOK-IT and your device at press of button…
Or you can quickly Transfer files between your device and LOK-IT…
Or easily Copy files between LOK-IT and your device.
USB OTG for USB storage devices
Connect any LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive to your Android smartphone or tablet. Android device requirements:
  • USB OTG capable (is your device on our list?)
  • Running Android 3.2 or higher
  • USB OTG connector (unless full size USB port is available)
  • More questions? Visit our FAQ section!
If a full size USB port is not included on your device, you may need a connector that allows both allows USB OTG use and provides a larger receptacle to fit a USB plug. These connectors are available on in our Web Store for your convenience.
Purchase either type of USB OTG connector online now.
Are You USB On-The-Go (OTG) Ready?
Below is a partial list of Android devices
Android Smartphones with USB OTG
  • s2Samsung Galaxy S II
  • s3Samsung Galaxy S III
  • lgLG Optimus
  • lgSamsung Galaxy Note II
Android Tablets with USB OTG
  • asusAsus vivoTab RT
  • samsung-galaxy-noteSamsung Galaxy Note
  • samsung-galaxy-tabSamsung Galaxy Tab 2
  • acerAcer Iconia Tab
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