The LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive® provides any organization secure access and storage of sensitive data, with all the flexibility of standard USB flash drives.

Most encrypted flash drives have significant limitations in their use, for instance:

They do not work on many operating systems, such as Mac O/S and Linux.
They do not work with embedded systems, such as those used in copiers, DVRs, projectors and medical equipment
They do not work with Android or Symbian smartphones and tablet PCs
They cannot be booted from directly without logging into the computer O/S

LOK-IT simply has none of the limitations mentioned above.

Password protect USB drive?

LOK-IT has built-in protection that eliminates the need to even enter a password on the computer.
Data Protection Highlights

Entry of the PIN (ie. password) authorizing use of the drive is done using the onboard PIN pad on the drive itself without connectivity to the computer required.

LOK-IT is consequently immune to keyboard logging malware and impervious to computer/Internet based hacking attempts.

All data stored on LOK-IT is automatically encrypted with military-grade 256-bit AES hardware encryption.

This level of encryption is HIPAA compliant and ensures that the data is unreadable if the flash memory were to be physically accessed.

After 10 incorrect PIN attempts, the PIN, encryption key and data are permanently deleted (the drive is recoverable for future use, but not the data)

A thief could therefore not make repeated guesses at the PIN. The probability of guessing the PIN is 1 in 10 million.

The internal security policy is not accessible and includes a minimum PIN length (7 digits) and eliminates ability to create simple PINs (ie. all repeating digits or all sequential digits).

To even further reduce the ability to guess a PIN, users cannot create easy to guess PINS, such as 1-2-3-4-5-6-7.

Upon initial use, a PIN must be created and no default PIN is provided.

Users often do not change default PINs, so rejecting the use of a default PIN eliminates the ability of a thief to take advantage of this security hole.

The encryption keys are randomly generated and stored within a separate security controller inside LOK-IT.

There is no access whatsoever (programmatically or physically) to the security controller, so a thief cannot locate the key to potentially decrypt the data.

When LOK-IT is unplugged from a USB port, it immediately locks.

A thief cannot attempt to steal an unlocked drive from a USB port.

Physical Protection Highlights

The damage-resistant LOK-IT casing is made of strengthened anodized aluminum and filled with an epoxy potting.

If a thief were to attempt physical access to the internal controllers or flash memory, the data and/or key would be destroyed.

LOK-IT meets IP57 (International Protection Rating) for dust and waterproofing, up to 1 meter immersion.

Spills and washing machine cycles will not damage LOK-IT security or the data.

Usability Highlights

LOK-IT is truly platform independent and can be used on and across any Operating System (ie. Windows, Mac O/S, Linux, Android, Symbian) with no updates ever required.

Users can rest easy knowing that whatever operating system that happen to be using now or in the future, LOK-IT will work properly.

LOK-IT works with embedded operating systems, with no need for a keyboard, mouse and monitor for PIN entry.

When a flash drive is needed for use in office equipment, DVRs and medical equipment, typically there are no options to secure the data. LOK-IT can be used with these devices and ensures the data is always protected with no need to find work-arounds.

Since LOK-IT has no software stored on the drive (in order to password protect USB drive), there is no need to run an exe program.

Exe programs are often prohibited on networks if they are run from removable devices such as flash drives. This makes the majority of other encrypted flash drives unusable in those environments because of their software requirement to password protect the USB drive.

LOK-IT is dual-PIN capable; one for the end user and one for an administrator.

If the PIN cannot be remembered, an administrator can enter their PIN and the data will be accessible.

LOK-IT can be utilized with any 3rd party port management software on a network.

This flexibility means that LOK-IT can be easily incorporated into any pre-existing port control solutions or those planned in the future.

LOK-IT can be used with thin client hardware solutions or desktop virtualization technologies, such as Citrix.

Most encrypted drives cannot be used within these popular network infrastructures, forcing use of non-secure and/or prohibited flash drives when the need arises.