On what platforms or operating systems does LOK-IT work?

LOK-IT is completely cross-platform. The drives work with, and are interchangeable between all versions of Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Chrome and Symbian. LOK-IT even works with embedded systems, such as those in copiers, projectors, scanners, DVRs and medical devices.

What kind of encryption does LOK-IT use?

Military-grade 256-Bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) hardware encryption. The encryption is handled within our internal encryption controller (hardware) and is not performed with software.

What is the difference between the SDG003FM and the SDG005M models?

Although in the past the two models utilized slightly different internal components, they are now produced equivalently. The models are shipped interchangeably, as the only difference is the color of the thin collars at the top and bottom (green/black). Previously, the SDG005M had not been submitted to NIST for FIPS Certification, but now the model # is formally included on Systematic Development Group’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certificate. LOK-IT’s FIPS certification can be found in this list under Cert #1809.

Are there any ongoing costs with LOK-IT?

No, after the one-time purchase there are no further costs. One of the many advantages of having a zero-software solution is that there is nothing to update or maintain on our side, which means no updates or maintenance costs are required for our customers. Your investment is further protected, since only a USB port is necessary to guarantee future compatibility with a new Operating System or release.

I have removed LOK-IT from the packaging, but when I press the key button, no LEDs appear. What should do?

The internal rechargeable Li-Poly battery must have fully discharged. Insert LOK-IT into a USB port in a computer that is turned on and allow to charge for at least 15 minutes.  A fully discharged battery does not affect the security or data within LOK-IT.  If upon insertion into the USB port you do not see the blue LED flash on the key button, please contact us directly.

Is there any limit to the number of times that LOK-IT can be reset back to factory state?

LOK-IT is reset back to factory state each time 10 incorrect PIN attempts are made.  If a new PIN is then created the drive is reusable, although data is the data is unrecoverable.  This process can be repeated an unlimited number of times for typically any LOK-IT purchased since 2012. On a previous firmware version, the total number of resets was limited to 6, at which point upon a press of the Key button the red and green LEDs will slowly fade in and out in unison.